Trestman Hire Helps Flacco

Tyler's BylineIt seemed that ex-Denver Broncos Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase was set to become Baltimore’s new offensive coordinator on Monday. However, Baltimore changed directions the next day and hired ex-Chicago Bears Head Coach Mark Trestman instead.

Trestman had his struggles coaching the Bears, as he had locker room problems with the team and quarterback Jay Cutler seemed lost at times. However, he has a strong coaching past besides the Bears, including four years in the CFL.

He began his coaching career as a quarterbacks coach at Miami and had Hall of Famer Jim Kelly under his wing. Trestman has coached with many NFL teams as well, boasting a quarterback list that includes Steve Young, Rich Gannon and Josh McCown.

The veteran coach may have lost his way in Chicago, but should be a blessing for Joe Flacco, as Trestman has been known to work magic with quarterbacks. Trestman will be Flacco’s fourth offensive coordinator, but the two should mesh well with each other.

He had the second highest scoring offense in 2013 with the Bears, which showed off a well-balanced offense. Flacco has done well learning from each of his offensive coordinators and he should do the same in this case.

The Trestman hire also gives the Ravens a quick fix for Gary Kubiak’s departure and keeps the team from hitting the panic button. The offense is coming off of a high note from last season and Trestman will help the team continue to climb. Trestman could help Joe Flacco take an even bigger step next season, which would make the Ravens a contender again.

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