Orioles and Marlins: Potential Trade Partners?

Byline BraydenWith a report coming out recently that the Miami Marlins are interested in trading for Chris Davis, that got me wondering what other trades the two teams could possibly do:

Every team needs a first baseman. You can’t just show up and have no one play first. The Marlins recently contacted the Orioles about Chris Davis, according to reports, because Miami could use a new first baseman. After his tremendous power surge in 2013, Davis became a fan-favorite despite his struggles in 2014. I decided to think of other possible trades that the Marlins and O’s could do that benefits both teams.

Trading Ubaldo Jimenez

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Reports had came out earlier this month that the O’s could be interested in trading pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez. Trading Jimenez would clear out money that the O’s owe him. Last offseason, Jimenez signed just before Spring Training started to a 4-year, $50 million contract and ended up having an unsuccessful first season in Baltimore. The following trade likely won’t go down, but it’s worth considering:

Orioles NEWOrioles Get:
RHP Jose Fernandez

RHP Domingo German  (No. 11 Prospect)

LHP Mike Dunn

Player to be named later or cash considerations

miami_marlins_logo_detailMarlins Get:

RHP Ubaldo Jimenez

LHP Brian Matusz

1B Joel Hutter  (High-A Frederick)

LHP Tim Berry  (No. 6 Prospect)

INF Jomar Reyes  (No. 20 Prospect)

It seems like an uneven trade but it is a potential blockbuster.

Potential Trade No. 2 (*Three team trade)

miami_marlins_logo_detailMarlins Get:

1B/OF Allen Craig (Red Sox)

INF Jomar Reyes (O’s)

bosRed Sox Get:

RHP Suk-min Yoon (O’s)

RHP Ubaldo Jimenez  (O’s)

C Jarrod Saltalamacchia  (Marlins)

Cash considerations from Marlins and/or O’s

Orioles NEWO’s Get:

LHP Mike Dunn (Marlins)

LHP Drake Britton (Red Sox)

LHP Eduardo Rodriguez (Red Sox)

Player to be named later and/or cash from Red Sox or Marlins

None of these trades are guaranteed to happen but they could if the right person thinks it or finds out. Essentially, in the second trade, the O’s re-acquire prospect lefty Eduardo Rodriguez, whom they had traded to the Red Sox for Andrew Miller in August.

Also, these trades involve prospects and left-handed pitching going to Baltimore. The O’s love good left-handed pitching as its hard to come by. Acquiring these lefties would make up for the Orioles losing Andrew Miller, a dominant lefty reliever, in the bullpen.

It had been considered by followers of mine on Twitter saying we should trade Davis in exchange for Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. Seems like a blockbuster trade of power bats to help each team especially if Nick Markakis doesn’t sign with the O’s. Stanton can play right field and be the designated hitter to make up for losing possibly losing Nelson Cruz too.

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However, many big prospects like Dylan Bundy and Hunter Harvey would have to be offered as well to get the Marlins to even consider dealing Stanton. Another negative is the mega contract extension Stanton just got from Miami which includes a full no-trade clause and way too much money to take on. As the Hot Stove season heats up this winter, more trade rumors will come out and free agent signings. This is going to be an interesting offseason in baseball.


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