Why Buck Showalter deserved AL Manager of the Year

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Tyler's BylineWe found out on Tuesday night that Buck Showalter had won the AL Manager of the Year Award.

Showalter received 25 of 30 first-place votes and beat out the Angels’ Mike Scioscia and Royals’ Ned Yost for the award.

It wasn’t a big surprise that Showalter won the award, as he went through many obstacles in order to put together one of the best teams in baseball.

However, it was questionable if Showalter would win because Sporting News recently named Mike Scioscia AL Manager of the Year.

The problem with that is that Scioscia didn’t have the same obstacles as Showalter. Sure, he lost pitcher Garrett Richards before the playoffs and the team had to get through that. But the Angels had the third highest payroll in the MLB and had star Mike Trout.

Showalter had to work with the eighth lowest payroll in the MLB and went through many downs this season. Here’s just a list of them

  • Beginning the year without Manny Machado
  • Losing Matt Weiters for the season
  • Having to replace Tommy Hunter as closer
  • Ubaldo Jimenez flopping as a starter
  • Losing Machado for the season
  • Losing Chris Davis for the end of the season/playoffs

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The Orioles were without three All-Stars in the playoffs and still managed to make it to the ALCS because of how Showalter managed the team. Guys like Steve Pearce and Delmon Young stepped up. Jimmy Paredes and Kelly Johnson came in to make big pinch-hit appearances. And let’s not forget to mention how Showalter handed the closing reigns to Zach Britton, who turned out to be one of the MLB’s best closers last season.

It’s not a surprise that Showalter won the award because not many managers could deal with such adversity and turn it into one of the best teams in baseball.


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