Orioles ALDS Predictions

We gathered three of Baltimore Birds’ top writers to give their predictions on who will advance in the Orioles vs. Tigers series. Here are the answers, but what do you think?


MattHamiltonHeadshotMatt Hamilton

The Orioles have made it their goal to prove the doubters wrong. It’s been this way since the start of the season, when many predicted them to finish fifth in the AL East. There’s way too much going in terms of luck for this team, right? We can’t possibly beat the last three Cy Young winners in a series, right?

This team has been doing what no one said they could since Day 1. Look for Nelson Cruz to be the Tiger-killer in this series, and Adam Jones to provide even more support. They’ll need every run they can get in this series, but so will the Tigers. I think our rotation will continue its success and the Tigers rotation will match it. Therefore, it will come down to the bullpen, which is clearly in our favor.

ALDS Prediction

orioles_logo_2012Orioles over Tigers in 5




meIan Jett

It is the first time since 1997 the Orioles have won their respective division, but how far will they go in the playoffs this time around?

All they have to do is get past the Detroit Tigers starting pitching staff with the last three Cy Young Award winners and Miguel Cabrera in the ALDS and then face the Los Angeles Angels or Kansas City Royals in the ALCS, easy right?

Detroit and Los Angeles have really good pitching staffs, it’s mainly why they are all in the playoffs, but so do the Orioles. They all, including the Royals, have good lineups, but the Orioles have a complete team and that’s why I think they will be able to go farther than they did in ‘97.

The Orioles have the best bullpen out of the American League playoff teams and Detroit probably has the worst. If the Orioles can get into the sixth or seventh inning with a two or three run lead, they have a really good change of taking the series.

The problem facing the Tigers is their starting pitching. With the addition of David Price at the trade deadline, the rotation is even better. However, the Orioles are very familiar with Price and have faced the other three likely starters this season, proving they can score against them.

Baltimore went 1-5 against Detroit this season but have played better in the second half of the year. If they Orioles play good defense, score at least three runs a game and the back end of the bullpen pitches like it has all season, the Tigers shouldn’t be a problem.

ALDS Prediction

orioles_logo_2012Orioles in 5




tyler beardTyler Beard

The playoffs have officially started, with one of the most exciting Wild Card games in history. The Royals set the tone, after they made multiple comebacks against the A’s and have moved onto play the Angels.

As for that series, I see the Angels winning 3-1 over the Royals. Kansas City has had a lot of magic this season, but the rotation won’t be able to handle the Los Angeles lineup. It will be tough for the Royals to keep up with Angels and the team will have to wait to pitch ace James Shields until later since he was used in the Wild Card game. It’s been a good run for the Kansas City, but I don’t see them making it past Los Angeles.

The Orioles and Tigers will have an exciting playoff series as well, and I see Baltimore winning 3-1. Oriole Magic is in full effect and the team has been fantastic in all parts of the game. Detroit boasts the Big Three in Max Scherzer, David Price and Justin Verlander, but Baltimore has good history against the last two. The Tigers are also going to have a tough time getting to an Orioles rotation that has sub-3.00 ERA since July.

ALDS Prediction

orioles_logo_2012Orioles in 4


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