We Don’t Know Athletes

Tyler's BylineThe Ray Rice situation proved to be too much for Baltimore, and the Ravens had to solve things by cutting the former Rutgers star.

Cutting Rice upset a lot of fans, as he was a big part of the team for so long, and many questioned the Ravens for not sticking by him.

The situation helped prove one thing though: We don’t know athletes on a personal level and the lives that they lead anymore.

Back in the day, Colts great Johnny Unitas and Orioles legend Brooks Robinson actually lived in Baltimore during their careers. They not only lived in the city, but worked there in the offseason.

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These two stars would be seen walking around Baltimore all the time and were treated like normal citizens.

Robinson was actually known for his personality around Baltimore and was known to have a conversation with anyone that wanted to talk.

Those times have changed though, as most players on the Ravens and Orioles live elsewhere and aren’t as personable.

Sure, most of the players will do charity events, fan fests, etc., but you won’t see them walking around the streets of Baltimore.

Everyone has this image in their heads on how athletes are off the field and think they act the same as when they are seen on TV.

However, Ray Rice helped proved that we simply don’t know what goes on in an athlete’s life anymore.

Rice was shown as a good guy, doing multiple charitable events, leading anti-bullying talks, and never having offseason arrests.

Now Rice’s image has completely flip-flopped. He’s shown as a terrible person, who abused his fiancé, and is out of the NFL for now.

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Whether you think Rice is good person who made a mistake or if he’s a terrible person that finally got shown in the spotlight is beside the point.

The point is that we don’t know who these athletes are. We only what happens on the field and we get ideas in our heads on how they act.

The saddest thing about the Rice incident is realizing this fact. The era of personable Baltimore athletes like Robinson and Unitas is far gone and not coming back.