Ravens Week 1 Review

Tyler's BylineThe Ravens weren’t able to take care of business at home against the Bengals because of a few simple reasons.

If you think one of those reasons is because of Joe Flacco, then you’re wrong. Many fans seem to love using Flacco as a scapegoat for losses, but according to Pro Football Focus, Flacco had eight of his passes dropped by his receivers. That’s a big number.

Dropped passes are one of the bigger reasons the Ravens couldn’t come away with a win. The drops killed many drives, including a couple from Steve Smith and a key one by Jacoby Jones. It’s hard to get into an offensive rhythm when the ball isn’t being caught.

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Another negative from the games was the Ravens’ pass rush, which had zero sacks in the game. Andy Dalton was able to throw with ease during his drives and it allowed him to develop a comfortable chemistry with his receivers.

The biggest concern from this lack of a pass rush was from Elvis Dumervil, who only had one tackle. It’s only the first game of the season, but Baltimore needs a better performance from Dumervil if the team hopes to pressure quarterbacks in the future.

The final reason the Ravens lost was the secondary. There seemed to blown assignments all over the field, including one play that resulted in Giovanni Bernard breaking out a huge gain off a swing pass because there was no corner on the right side of the field.

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It didn’t help that Ladarius Webb was out of the game, and it seems like the Ravens won’t be able to rely on Chykie Brown in big roles.

There are obviously a lot of negative things that come out of losses, but there were a few positives that Baltimore fans should be excited about.

One of these positives was the bend-but-don’t-break defense that the Ravens put up. Even though the pass rush and secondary were lacking, the Ravens only gave up one touchdown in the game. The red-zone defense was impressive, which is what Baltimore fans like to see.

Another positive in the game was the emergence of Justin Forsett, who averaged 6.4 yards per carry. The Ravens have parted ways with Ray Rice and with Bernard Pierce looking slow, the team may have to rely on Forsett more. He ran hard, which is what you want to see from a running back.

It was a tough game to swallow, but it’s only the first game of the season and the Ravens still have a very good chance at winning this division.


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