Ravens Move on from Ray Rice

Embed from Getty Images

Tyler's BylineIt’s a sad day to be a Baltimore Raven’s fan, as TMZ released a video of Ray Rice knocking out his fiancé.

Everyone already knew that the Rice abused his spouse, but fans were willing to move on and accept them.

However, the video has come out of Rice giving his fiancé a left hook, which knocked her unconscious. Now forgiveness will be hard for Rice, as fans have seen just how bad the situation was.

The media and fans are now in uproar over the video and the Ravens are going to have to do some serious damage control soon. In fact, the best way for Harbaugh and the Ravens to save face to is to release Rice.

It seems like a dramatic thing to do, but it’s the right move for the Ravens. The backlash of allowing Rice to come back on the field and play for Baltimore will give the team a terrible reputation and it’s not something that Rice deserves.

It’s going to be a tough thing for the Ravens to do, but it’s the NFL’s fault for making Baltimore have to act. The Ravens would have had an easier decision had the NFL done its job by suspending Ray Rice for the season.

However, the NFL failed at doing the right thing and now it’s up to the Ravens to solve the issue.

No one should feel bad for the situation of cutting Rice though, as he’s the one who destroyed his career. Domestic violence is something that is inexcusable, disgusting and has no place for in this world.

The Ravens will be able to move on from this by cleaning their hands of Rice and moving forward with Justin Forsett, Bernard Pierce and Lorenzo Taliaferro.

Talks of Rice’s decline were already beginning last season, but now the decline of his character is in full effect and it’s time to move.

It’s a sad way to end a career in Baltimore, but it’s for the best. Time to make a change.


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