Manny Gone, but O’s Not Out

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Tyler's BylineThe Orioles and fans found out yesterday that Manny Machado would be undergoing season-ending knee surgery.

Machado suffered the knee injury on August 11 and the Orioles initially thought the star third baseman had avoided a serious injury and only needed an extended stay on the 15-day DL.

However, the Platinum Gold Glover got advice to get knee surgery, which ends his season and leaves Baltimore without a true third baseman.

The Orioles will likely have to go with a combination of Chris Davis, Ryan Flaherty and Cord Phelps to play third base for the reason of the season.

Losing Manny Machado is obviously a tough blow to the team, but the Orioles are still in good position to make a playoff run.

Baltimore 73 53 .579 34-26 39-27 541 479 +62 Lost 1 6-4 96.3
NY Yankees 65 61 .516 8 31-31 34-30 494 533 -39 Won 2 4-6 4.6
Toronto 65 63 .508 9 33-27 32-36 568 568 0 Lost 1 3-7 4.3
Tampa Bay 63 65 .492 11 29-36 34-29 507 483 +24 Won 2 5-5 3.7
Boston 56 72 .438 18 29-38 27-34 486 554 -68 Lost 6 3-7 0.1

Machado is a big part of the Orioles success, but the team has actually gone 5-3 without the third baseman.

The O’s may choose to go out of house for a third baseman to fix the problem, though, with Adrian Beltre being a possibility.

However, Beltre would come at a decent cost (three years left of a five-year, $80 million deal) and the O’s may not want to give up a lot for a rental-type player.

Baltimore should still be able to make a big run, even without Manny Machado because of solid pitching and timely hits.

Those two reasons have been the reason the Orioles have been one of the top teams in the MLB this season and won’t be affected greatly by the Manny-departure.

It’s a tough and sad blow for Oriole fans, but don’t expect Baltimore to lose its winning ways. Expect a good postseason.


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