With Machado out, What now?

Tyler's BylineA huge panic came through Baltimore when Manny Machado went down to ground after swinging at a pitch and grabbing his knee.

Fans remembered last season when Machado destroyed his knee last season running to first base and the rehab he had to go through in order to come back.

Last year’s injury resulted in a slow start to this season for the Platinum Glove winner, but he quickly made up for it with a hot start after the All-Star break.

It looked like the progress would be for naught when Machado went down Monday night, but it turned out to be a sprained right knee ligament, smaller damage than many knee injuries. As a result, he has been placed on the 15-day DL.

It’s the best case-scenario for the Orioles, who hold a 6.5-game lead in the AL East.


The Orioles have called up infielder Cord Phelps from Triple-A Norfolk to take Machado’s spot on the roster.

Phelps was batting .258 at Norfolk and has a little power, with seven homeruns on the season.

Buck Showalter could give Ryan Flaherty or Chris Davis the starting job at third base while Manny is out, with Phelps backing him up.

Losing Manny long-term would have hurt the Orioles’ playoff hopes and would have hindered their shot at making it far in the postseason if the team got there.

Baltimore can afford to be without Manny for a short period of time though, as the team hits an easier stretch of the schedule.

The Orioles finish up their series against the Yankees tonight and then go on a road trip to take on the Indians, White Sox and Cubs.

Then, the team comes back home for a four-game series against the Rays and then a three-game series against the Twins.

It’s never good losing your superstar-third baseman, but Manny Machado picked an affordable time to be out for the Orioles.

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