Orioles acquire Andrew Miller

Byline IanThe Baltimore Orioles have traded their No. 3 pitching prospect Eduardo Rodriguez to the Boston Red Sox for left-handed reliever Andrew Miller. The trade comes about 45 minutes before the 4 p.m. trade deadline.

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The Orioles left-handed relievers, most notably Brian Matusz, have had a difficult time getting left-handed batters out this season. The Orioles can now use Miller in that spot and can also give the other relievers an extra days rest with his efficiency to get both right-handed and left-handed batters out. Miller will be a very good addition to an Orioles’ bullpen that needed a versatile reliever in late game situations.

Though he has a 3-5 record, his ERA is 2.34 and he has struck out 69 batters while only walking 13 of them. To go along with his impressive strikeout-to-walk ratio, he has only allowed 25 hits, 13 runs, 11 earned, and just two home runs in 42.1 innings pitched.

593958To get Miller, the Orioles had to send a very highly rated prospect in Eduardo Rodriguez. Rodriguez was the Orioles’ No. 3 rated prospect but was struggling for Double-A Bowie this season. He had a 3-7 record to go along with a 4.70 ERA in 16 starts this season.

Rodriguez turned 21 in April and was not expected to join the Orioles’ any time in the near future with the amount of pitching prospects they have now.

The move makes sense for both teams. The Orioles get the type of player they think can help their team win the division while the Red Sox have added another young pitcher that could help them out a few years down the road. And even though it is uncommon to trade in the division, it can be considered a small trade when you compare it to the other trades the Red Sox have made today.



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