Orioles Trade Talk: Daniel Murphy

Orioles Trade Talk Mets

Byline IanEven though the Baltimore Orioles have one of the best lineups in all of baseball, 1 to 9, I think they are too inconsistent. They need that one bat via trade to give the rest of the team a spark. Enter: left-handed second baseman Daniel Murphy of the New York Mets.

Orioles: Tyler Wilson, Tim Berry and a player to be named later


Mets: Daniel Murphy

The Orioles lineup consists of just about all right-handed hitters. David Lough is also their only left-handed option to come off the bench in a late game situation. The only problem is that Lough usually replaces the left fielder in the eighth inning for defensive purposes. After that the Orioles have no left-handed bats on the bench.

Daniel Murphy would be a perfect fit in this Orioles lineup and team that has gotten just minimal offensive production from the second base position. Like many, I thought Johnathan Schoop would struggle a little bit facing major league pitching, but I did not think he would struggle this much.

Schoop is batting .220 with an on base percentage of .256. On top of that, Schoop has hit eight homeruns and knocked in 26 RBIs.

This season, Murphy is one of the better second basemen in the game. He was named to his first All-Star Game and it wasn’t because the Mets needed to send that one player to represent them; Murphy’s numbers backed it up.

Murphy is currently batting .287 with 37 RBI and 25 doubles. To go along with an on base percentage of .334, Murphy has stolen 11 bases on the year, more than any Orioles player.

And if you want consistency, Murphy can give it to you. Murphy is now in his sixth season in the majors. In his previous four seasons, he has batted .286, .291, .320 and .266. He has not missed a lot of playing time. In those four seasons he has played in 161, 156, 109 and 155 respectively.

I believe Murphy is also someone who you can get without trading away your whole farm system. But you do have to give up some of your better prospects, which is why I added Tim Berry’s name to Tyler Wilson and a player to be named later.

Tim Berry

Obviously, Tim Berry is one of the more highly talked about prospects in the Orioles system. If everything goes as planned, Berry could be in a rotation that includes Kevin Gausman, Dylan Bundy, Chirs Tillman and Hunter Harvey in a few years.

But as most baseball fans know, everything does not go as planned. To win now, you are most likely going to need to give up a player that you could use later. In this case, that player is Tim Berry.

The Mets are a team that has been in a rebuilding mode the past few seasons. Their biggest problems seem to stem from pitching. Like many teams who are in the rebuilding process, the Mets want pitching in return for position players. The Orioles have some pitchers in the minors, Berry and Wilson, who are expendable.

Tyler WIlson

Wilson is an expendable player due to the fact that he does not seem to have a place in the projected Orioles’ rotation. Wilson is dominating at the Double-A level and, more recently, the Triple-A level, but is not a highly rated prospect. He is a player the Orioles could use to grab another piece that is just as good or in this case, better, in return.

Though Berry is one of the more highly touted prospects the Orioles have, they are not giving up a Bundy or Gausman for a player, Murphy, who is in his second year of being arbitration eligible this season.

Murphy becomes a free agent in 2016, giving Johnathan Schoop plenty of time to work on his bat. Also, adding a player to be named into the mix would not be a bad idea with depth the Orioles have at fielding positions.


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