Phillies willing to trade Hamels

Orioles Trade Talk Phillies
Byline MattThe Philadelphia Phillies finally decided to put Cole Hamels on the trade market, according to The Sporting News. The 30-year-old ace has generated plenty of interest from teams even before the team publicly said that they’d be willing to trade him.

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The Phillies are said to be looking for three “top prospects”, which would be a hefty sum for any team to give up. However, the Orioles need to be interested in Hamels, who has pitched in two World Series and is signed through 2018, unlike David Price, who could leave after next season.

Hamels would be a great addition for the Orioles, but they’d have to give up a lot to get him. Since the team asked for three prospects, either Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gausman will have to be in the mix. The Phillies might also want a future replacement for Chase Utley, whom we just wrote about possibly coming to Baltimore.

Even though it would be a dream to grab both in a trade, it doesn’t seem likely. The situation seems to be an either-or in terms of picking up a player. So question remains: Who do we need more? The unquestioned ace or the steady second baseman?

The answer is Hamels. He has a 2.83 ERA and holds a career ERA of 3.34. Those are unheard of numbers for a pitcher compared to what the starters on the Orioles have produced. He has pitched in 13 postseason games and has a 3.09 ERA combined.

I’ve been pretty steady with the idea that if the Orioles had an ace, they’d be in contention for a World Series title. Here we are, with that chance. However, the Phillies will make sure we lose a chunk of our future.

Another possible halting block is the fact that Hamels has the Orioles on his no-trade clause. This means that he’d have to agree to the trade, as well, before being dealt. We’re not sure whether he’d OK the trade, but we’ll find out if we go after him.

I’d still try to take the opportunity. We have most likely a two-year (1.5 if you count this season) window with the pieces we currently have, so the time is now to find the final piece. Just for fun, here’s the deal that I’d send the Phillies. However, they may ask for much more.

Orioles: Dylan Bundy, Jonathon Schoop, Miguel Gonzalez


Phillies: Cole Hamels

The kicker is that the Phillies would have to agree to eat some of Hamels’ salary, or else the Orioles would lose out of players who will become free agents, like Chris Davis, J.J. Hardy, etc. It pains me to put Schoop in this trade, but if it means winning a World Series now, I think it should be considered.

If this trade happens, we better wish that Hamels continues his strong pace. It’s a high-risk deal, and we certainly need the high reward.


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