Orioles Trade Talk: Chase Utley

Orioles Trade Talk Phillies

Tyler's BylineThe Orioles are still on top of the AL East, but the rest of the division has gotten hot and Baltimore is stuck out on the West Coast.

The trade deadline is approaching and a lot of fans are going to want the Orioles to go after ace pitchers David Price and Cliff Lee.

However, the price of these pitchers may be too steep for Dan Duquette to bite on. Plus, the Orioles still need to figure out their rotation and if Kevin Gausman is going to be a part of it.

Another big area of concern is at second base, as the Jonathan Schoop/Ryan Flaherty platoon isn’t working out.

 Flaherty, R 150 16 33 6 4 15 11 37 .220 .291 .340 .631
 Schoop, J 283 30 61 10 7 24 7 65 .216 .253 .325 .578

I believe Schoop can take over the position in the next couple years, but still needs time to develop under the right player.

So here’s my scenario in which the Orioles bring on the Philadelphia Phillies’ Chase Utley to be their starting second baseman:

Orioles: Eduardo Rodriguez, Tim Berry


Phillies: Chase Utley

Embed from Getty Images

Eduardo Rodriguez has been thrown into a lot of trade talks in the past for the Orioles and seems to be the safest pitching prospect to trade.

Tim Berry is another young arm that has a lot of talent, but has been under the shadow of Gausman, Dylan Bundy, Hunter Harvey and Rodriguez.

The Phillies should be entering a complete rebuilding mode and will try to dump players like Utley, Howard and Rollins in order to get some young talent.

Utley is past his prime and 35 years old, but still has the ability to hit. He’s got a .286 batting average, with eight homeruns and 46 RBIs.

Ryan Flaherty is starting to wear is welcome out in Baltimore, as his free-swinging has taken away from his value as a utility man.

The Orioles would be able to insert Utley into a lineup that needs more contact hitters and would make the team even more dangerous.

It’s a lot to give up for a 35-year-old second baseman, but the Orioles need to find a way to score more runs and Utley would help solve that issue.


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