Orioles Trade Talk: Tyson Ross

Orioles Trade Talk

Byline MattBy now, all of Baltimore and the rest of the country knows that the Orioles are looking for another starter. It’s common knowledge that we’ve failed to find a No. 1 starter and are still looking for that, possibly final, piece to make us a perennial contender for a World Series title.

Here we are, 10 days from the trade deadline, without that No. 1 option. We need to find it soon, or the window to win will close quickly. Dan Duquette knows that, but the question is: Will he make that move? I say yes. Especially because I’m not the general manager of an MLB team.

Here’s my scenario:

Orioles: Hunter Harvey, Tim Berry


Padres: Tyson Ross

Yes, that is Hunter Harvey thrown in a trade. I know how good he is projected to be, and it will be loss for sure if we decide to trade him. However, what you’re getting in Ross should make up for it.

Ross is the best Padres starter at the moment (Andrew Cashner puts up a fight) and has an ERA sitting at 2.70 for the season. His ERA is over 1.00 better than any Orioles starter this season, and it’s getting better. He’s allowed four runs in his last four starts.

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The Padres have already traded away closer Houston Street, whom the Orioles should have went after, as well. At 43-55, they know the season is over, prompting the idea of selling away the pieces that make up this team. The Orioles have already grabbed Nick Hundley from San Diego, so dealing with management shouldn’t be a problem.

The Padres may want to hold onto a young pitcher like Ross, but if the Orioles are willing to give up enough, he should be available.

The kicker here is the fact that Ross is in the first year of arbitration and will likely want a raise in the near future. If the Orioles don’t want to pay Ross any more than his current $1.98 million salary, they’d essentially be renting him, which would not be worthy sacrificing our future for.

If Ross commits to us for long-term, he could be a top-of-the-rotation guy for years to come. At 27, Ross’s season is certainly not a fluke. Last year, he pitched to a 3.17 ERA, which would still be welcomed in Baltimore.

If the Orioles really wanted to gut the Padres, they could even look at Joaquin Benoit for bullpen depth. However, Ross should be the key piece in this trade. Any trade that doesn’t involve trading away Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gausman should be considered.

Ross has the potential to be a No. 1 starter for the Orioles this year and into the future. He may not be a top-of-the-line ace, but Baltimore would have to give much more to get someone that fits that description. Simply put, Ross may be the cheapest No. 1-type starter on the market.


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