Adam Jones Home Run Derby Highlights

Embed from Getty Images

Orioles center fielder Adam Jones took the national stage yesterday, competing in the Home Run Derby at Target Field in Minnesota. He hit four home runs in the first round to advance to the AL second round, where he met Yoenis Cespedes. It was safe to say that was where Jones’s night would end.

He did hit three home runs in the second round, but it wasn’t enough to match the eventual Derby winner Cespedes. Maybe it was for the better, since Jones will start and bat seventh in the All-Star game tonight.

But we congratulate him on his run! Here are some of the highlights.

Adam Jones: Round 1

In case you missed the fan’s catch on Jones’s third home run, you should check it out. It take guts to reach over the railing like that!

Adam Jones Round 2

Don’t think Jones didn’t have time to have fun last night. Here are a few shots on him joking around with his fellow All-Stars.


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