World Cup Final Preview

World Cup banner

Byline BenFirst off, let me say that it has truly been a pleasure covering the World Cup here at Baltimore Birds Blog, and I hope that I can continue writing here in the near future. I’d also like to thank everyone who read my World Cup-related posts, as well as my friend Matt Hamilton for creating the blog and letting me be a part of it. Now, on to the moment we all have been waiting for…the preview for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final!

The Final

Now this is quite a matchup; not only is it the talent of Messi’s Argentina against the skill of Schweinsteiger’s Germany, but it is also UEFA against CONMEBOL. Since the semifinals were, as predicted, unable to declare a winner in this growing competition between two world-class confederations, it is up to this last round to determine who will reign supreme.

While many did not expect UEFA to be represented by Germany in this round, it is clear now that they had the best shot of any team from that confederation. Germany, much like many other UEFA teams this year, is very complete. It has high-quality players that complement each other wonderfully and an overall game strategy that works.

Argentina, on the other hand, is heavily reliant on Messi’s talents and has built a team to compliment him specifically. As shown during the Brazil-Germany match, this kind of a team falls apart when its key elements are missing.

That being said, I do not think that Argentina is just going to lie down like Brazil did when faced with Germany’s unique take on the UEFA style of play. Argentina is here to win, and did not make it this far on luck alone.

Both teams have talent and will likely keep this a close match. Don’t be surprised if this, much like the 2010 World Cup Final, is forced to go to extra time to decide the winner. In the end though, I expect Germany to come out on top. Germany is the complete package ─ good offense, good defense, and good coaching ─ while Argentina still has its clear struggles on the pitch.







Matt Hamilton’s Preview



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