David Price to the Orioles? Weighing the Options

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Tyler's BylineDavid Price is going to be the hottest commodity at the trade deadline and it’s a given that many teams will be vying for his services.

The Rays’ ace has been one of the best pitchers in baseball the last few years and holds an 8-7 record with a 3.48 ERA and 159 strikeouts.

David Price Career Numbers

2008 TB 1 14.0 9 3 4 12 0 0 0.4 1.93
2009 TB 23 128.1 119 63 54 102 10 7 0.7 4.42
2010 TB 31 208.2 170 63 79 188 19 6 4.4 2.72
2011 TB 34 224.1 192 87 63 218 12 13 2.4 3.49
2012 TB 31 211.0 173 60 59 205 20 5 6.4 2.56
2013 TB 27 186.2 178 69 27 151 10 8 2.8 3.33
2014 TB 19 139.2 132 54 20 159 8 7 1.6 3.48
Total 166 1112.2 973 399 306 1035 79 46 3.23

His trade value seems to have gone up as well after the Cubs traded pitchers Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel for Athletics prospect shortstop Addison Russell.

The Cubs received a valuable prospect in Russell, who’s ranked as the 11th-best prospect in baseball according to MLB.com.

That type of return for just Samardzija and Hammel shows how much teams are going to have to give up for David Price.

So what if the Orioles decided they wanted to trade for Price? What would they have to give up in order to get him?

Pitcher Dylan Bundy could be the center of the trade package, as the Orioles wouldn’t even be able to get in talks with the Rays without him.

Dylan Bundy on Rehab Assignments






Bundy alone wouldn’t do it though, meaning the O’s would have to add a couple more prospects in order to complete the deal.

Pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez could be another name added to the package, with multiple teams asking about the young prospect in past trade negotiations.

Bundy and Rodriguez would definitely get the attention of the Rays, but Baltimore would have to add another prospect or two in order to get a deal done.


Pitcher Tim Berry and shortstop Adrian Marin are two other top prospects for the O’s and adding them to the trade package could complete this trade.

It would be a lot for the Orioles to give up, as it would empty a lot of the farm system, but the team would gain an ace to pair with Kevin Gausman.

This is clearly just a hypothetical scenario, but it’s the amount Baltimore would have to part with in order to get Price.

Another issue is that Price only has two years remaining on his contract, including this season. The Orioles probably wouldn’t deal their top prospects unless they were confident enough that they could resign the ace.

It’s an interesting scenario, but Price would clearly put the Orioles out in front in the AL East if they were willing to strike a deal.