John Lackey: Sore Loser

Tyler's BylineNelson Cruz, who has been under scrutiny this season because of a suspension for PED usage last year, went 5-for-5 against the Boston Red Sox on June 5.

Cruz’s performance prompted Red Sox starting pitcher John Lackey to comment, or not comment, on Cruz’s PED usage right after the game. Let’s just say that Lackey isn’t the biggest fan of Cruz, or his PED suspension from last season.

John Lackey






Buck Showalter quickly defended Cruz, urging Lackey to “look into his own backyard,” referring to Boston designated hitter David Ortiz.

Ortiz was linked to a steroid controversy when he was named on a list of supposed steroid users in 2003.

Lackey’s comments are disappointing because he comes off as a sore loser: plain and simple.

Nelson Cruz had to serve his 50-game suspension and will forever be known as a player who cheated in baseball. It’s something he’ll have to live with for the rest of his life and he knows that.

However, Cruz served his suspension and has gone about his potential MVP-season quietly and with all smiles.

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The Red Sox seem to think Cruz hasn’t been punished enough though, as Lackey’s comments prove.

It isn’t the first a Red Sox player has commented on Cruz either. Catcher David Ross spoke about it when the Orioles beat the Red Sox on Opening Day.

Steroid usage is disappointing and obviously Nelson Cruz will never be viewed the same way again.

But these comments only seem to come up when the Red Sox lose to the Orioles and Cruz plays a part in Boston losing.

Lackey’s comments are embarrassing because it sounds like a young kid that can’t accept getting beat that day.

Yes, Cruz’s steroid usage is something that goes against the game and hurts his image as a role model for children. However, neither is being a sore loser. Stay classy Boston.



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