Orioles Trade History: 2011


Orioles: P Koji Uehara


Rangers: 1B Chris Davis, P Tommy Hunter

Tyler's BylineThis is a trade where both teams won, but the Orioles came out with the better outcome.

The Orioles were playing bad baseball in the 2011 season and needed to add pieces to help win for next season.

Koji Uehara was very successful as a reliever for Baltimore, which attracted the Rangers and prompted the teams to make a trade.

Chris Davis was the center of this deal and has been the Orioles’ top power hitter since it. He’s hit 101 homeruns for the Orioles in three-plus seasons, including his historic, All-Star, 53 homerun-season in 2013.

Tommy Hunter struggled as a starter for the Orioles, but started to pitch well when moved to the bullpen. He’s provided strong relief for the team in the last couple seasons, but was removed from the closer role this season because of struggles.

Koji Uehara pitched well for the Rangers in his time there, but Texas didn’t re-sign him. He signed with the Boston Red Sox and has become one of the best closers in the MLB, closing out the 2013 World Series.

Both teams were winners in this trade, but the Orioles improved more, since Davis is the Orioles top power hitter and Uehara didn’t last long in Texas.




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