Manny Suspension Shows MLB Bias

Tyler's BylineMajor League Baseball decided to uphold Manny Machado’s five-game suspension, which he will start serving immediately.

Machado’s suspension stems from the series against the Oakland Athletics, in which Manny had an altercation with third baseman Josh Donaldson and also threw his bat down the third-base line after being thrown out.

I want to say I agree with this suspension before I start my rant on how the MLB is flawed. Machado acted childish and deserves the five-game suspension.

Now here’s what I don’t understand; what makes it right to suspend a player five games for throwing a bat down line but no suspension is handed out for throwing at a batter?

I’m talking about Oakland’s pitcher Fernando Abad, who threw a fastball at Manny’s head and contributed to Machado losing his cool.

The MLB decided to fine Abad for the incident, but didn’t even mention the idea of suspending the pitcher.

These actions by the MLB give the notion that it’s not OK to throw the bat down the line, but it’s okay to throw a fastball at a batter around the head area.

Let’s revisit another incident in which the MLB decided to let things slide.

A year ago, Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz struck out at Camden Yards and decided to take his anger by destroying the dugout phone with his bat.

The incident even almost caused Ortiz to hit teammate Dustin Pedroia.

However, Ortiz wasn’t’ suspended for swinging his bat around in the dugout like a child. He wasn’t even fined for it.

Like I said; I firmly believe Manny Machado deserves his suspension, as he showed an immature side to him during the A’s series.

However, the MLB needs to be fair with its suspensions and stop letting certain things slide, while others don’t.

What I’ve learned is you can destroy a dugout phone and throw at a batter’s head: just don’t throw your bat down the line.



One thought on “Manny Suspension Shows MLB Bias

  1. You honestly think they are showing bias against Machado!? Machado’s actions are INEXCUSABLE and he deserved at LEAST 10 games! Throwing your bat is WORSE than destroying a club house phone (not a part of the game … MACHADO WAS AT BAT!) and just to clarify – if you had actually watched the Sunday game you would know that Fernando Abad threw near Machado’s ANKLES NOT HIS HEAD! Hell in the Tampa Bay/Red Sox madness that went on – Workman didn’t even throw at Longoria’s head and he got six games ….
    Then there is issue surrounding Machado’s lies – It is a fact that Machado’s bat did not “slip” as he told the media after Sunday’s game, he only issued an apology AFTER it had been reported that a suspension was imminent – THEN he appeals the suspension which is in essence taking back his apology! Not to mention the ridiculous comments he has made trying to excuse his behavior. First his bat “slipped” now he is saying “I didn’t throw it directly at anyone” – it was either he has crappy aim, going for Abad – and you don’t have a Gold Glove if you have crappy aim OR he could have been going for Josh Donaldson who had JUST been replaced at third by Alberto Callaspo but we don’t know that Machado knew that it wasn’t Donaldson. He is so self absorbed why would he notice?

    What other immature and game interrupting actions did Machado exhibit over that weekend?

    He got mad because he thought Donaldson tagged him to hard? Um no – not if you watched the replay. Donaldson barely grazes Machado and Machado falls down, is embarrassed and throws a temper tantrum. Example 2 – he hit Derek Norris (catcher) in the head with his backswing not once but twice and after the second time (at neither point did he check to see if Norris was ok) he was noticeably – even to the announcers and everyone watching – if you could rewind Twitter you’d know – saw him do it! What an asshole!
    He should be suspended longer …. oh and let’s not forget that he might not have tried to hurt or fight any of the opposing team on Saturday but he did throw a temper tantrum after being called out on strikes by a guy I hate to defend but I am because Machado is a big baby – the home plate umpire Angel Hernandez.
    That kid needs to be sent down to Triple-A to learn a lesson and some humility. He’s not like his bff A-Rod (such a great role model!) he’s only had one good year … he needs a freakin’ reality check NOT leniency from the league which is what he got!!!

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