Orioles Trade History: Part 1

Tyler's BylineThe Baltimore Orioles have made a lot of key trades in the last few years that have helped shape the team that they have today.

This week, we’ll go through the biggest trade in each year and decide whether the Orioles won or lost the deal. Stay tuned!


Orioles: SS Miguel Tejada

Astros: OF Luke Scott, RP Troy Patton, RP Matt Albers, P Dennis Sarfate, 3B Mike Constanzo

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The Miguel Tejada trade was the start of the of a span of many trades aimed to put the future of the Orioles together.

Tejada had a strong run in Baltimore, as he was as three-time All-Star there, but the Orioles saw he was on the decline and decided to make the huge trade.

Luke Scott was the biggest return piece in the trade and was a fan favorite during his time in Baltimore.

Scott played in Baltimore from 2008-2011 and hit 84 homeruns with the team. He wouldn’t enjoy the O’s playoff success in 2012, as he signed with the Rays that season, but his strong clubhouse presence helped turn the Orioles around.

Luke Scott with Baltimore

2008 BAL 148 475 67 122 29 2 23 65 53 102 2 .257
2009 BAL 128 449 61 116 26 1 25 77 55 104 0 .258
2010 BAL 131 447 70 127 29 1 27 72 59 98 2 .284
2011 BAL 64 209 24 46 11 0 9 22 24 54 1 .220

Troy Patton put up a couple good years of relief for the Orioles, but had a bunch off-field issues and was recently traded for catcher Nick Hundley.

Matt Albers and Dennis Sarfate had their struggles out of the bullpen for the Orioles and didn’t last long on the team, while Mike Constanzo never played in Baltimore.

Miguel Tejada had a couple All-Star seasons with the Astros, but declined in power and actually returned to Baltimore in 2010.

The outcome of the trade ended up being pretty even, but this trade set the tone of the Baltimore front office trying to change the team around.





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