Kevin Gausman: Ready

Tyler's BylineKevin Gausman is now in a weird limbo with the Orioles, as he gets called up for a start and then sent right back down to the minors.

The Orioles originally brought Gausman up June 7 after the team placed Miguel Gonzalez on the 15-day DL.

GausmanHe didn’t disappoint the Orioles during Gonzalez’s absence, posting a 3-0 record and giving up two runs in 19 innings.

Gausman showed great control in those three starts, hitting the corners of the strike zone with fastballs that were touching 98 mph.

His impressive stretch made the Orioles throw around the idea of using a six-man rotation after Gonzalez came back off of the DL.

However, the O’s chose to stick with a five-man rotation and Gausman was sent back down to Triple-A Norfolk.

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It was a questionable move by the club, after the 23-year-old had pitched so well for the team, but the Orioles didn’t feel the need to send a starter to the bullpen or roll with a six-man rotation.

The plan was for Gausman to come back up to the O’s soon after his demotion though and that process was sped up after Baltimore put Bud Norris on the 15-day DL.

Gausman’s last start showed some control problems, as he walked four batters and also hit a batter. He got the loss and some fans questioned whether he is ready to pitch for the Orioles.

The answer to that question: Kevin Gausman is ready to stay in the majors for good.

This is a pitcher who has nothing left to prove in the minors anymore and has already proven how dangerous he can be when he is hitting the corners of the strike zone.

Gausman also has strong comparisons to Justin Verlander, as his velocity goes up throughout the game and he is able to blow hitters away with speed.

The former LSU pitcher is still going to have his struggles, as seen in his last start against Tampa Bay, but he needs to stay in the rotation in order to work through them.

Sending Gausman up and down seems to be hurting the pitcher’s psyche and the Orioles need to find a way to keep him in Baltimore.

He has the chance to prove his worth while Bud Norris is out, solook for Gausman to succeed in his next couple starts.

Buckle up O’s fans: Kevin Gausman should be here to stay and ready to lead the rotation for years to come.


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