Father’s Day 5: Top Father-Son Combos

Byline MattHappy Father’s Day everyone! In honor of the holiday, we’re putting together a list of some of the best father-son combinations in MLB history. I think we all know which combo to start with, so let’s jump right in.

Cal Ripken Sr.- Cal Ripken Jr.- Bill Ripken

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The Orioles’ all-time great, Cal Ripken Jr., was managed by his father in 1987, creating one of the most notable tandems in all of baseball. Cal Jr. went on to record 3,184 hits and 431 home runs and broke Lou Gehrig’s record for consecutive game played. The elder Cal didn’t fare as well, finishing 68-101 in his short managerial career. Don’t forget Bill Ripken, who played with his brother and father in 1987 and continued with the Orioles until 1992.


Bobby Bonds-Barry Bonds

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The Bonds pair hit a lot of home runs. I mean a lot. Together, Bobby and Barry hit 1,094 home runs in 34 seasons of baseball. Although they never played together, Bobby signed on to be the San Francisco Giants hitting coach when his son joined the team in 1993.


 Ken Griffey Sr.-Ken Griffey Jr.
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The Griffey family has a unique  accolade to add to this discussion, as they went back-to-back in a game in 1990. That’s something that may never happen again, but the fellow Seattle Mariners teammates created one of the greatest moments in baseball history. Together the Griffey’s hit 782 home runs and notched 3,805 hits.


Cecil Fielder-Prince Fielder

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Cecil Fielder was as popular a player in his career as his son, Prince, is now. Both Fielder were successful in the major leagues, with Cecil hitting 319 home runs in 13 years and Prince standing at 288 long balls in nine years. Fun fact: both Fielders played for the Detroit Tigers during their careers.


Felipe Alou-Moises Alou

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The Alou family boasts one of the biggest gaps between when the two played, with the older Alou ending his career in 1974 and Moises beginning his in 1990. Both notched 2,000 hits in their career and both spent time with the San Francisco Giants. Felipe Alou was able to coach his son on both teams; first in Montreal and next in San Francisco.