All-Star Voting: Who should win

Here’s the voting run-down for each position in which an Orioles player has a chance to make the All-Star game. Instead of talking about which Orioles will make the All-Star game in July, I’m going to run through which players actually deserve to start. If you disagree, let me know.


Player Votes
Matt Wieters 842,775
Brian McCann 605,941
Derek Norris 569,752
Kurt Suzuki 337,704
A.J. Pierzynski 300,347

Who should start: If Wieters can get back from his injury in time, then he might very well be the best catcher in the game. If he comes back just in time for the game, I think others who played more games should have a chance. I’ll go with Brian McCann for now.

First base

Player Votes
Miguel Cabrera 962,138
Jose Abreu 602,628
Albert Pujols 569,211
Chris Davis 422,600
Mark Teixeira 326,972

Who should start: Chris Davis in no way deserves to be on this list. I love him, but he he’s hitting .230 on the season. Unless he has 40 home runs right now, he shouldn’t be in this discussion. That said, Miguel Cabrera is batting .325 and will edge Jose Abreu for the starting spot.


Player Votes
Derek Jeter 1,007,968
Alexei Ramirez 867,156
J.J. Hardy 488,948
Jose Reyes 310,446
Jed Lowrie 277,430

Who should start: J.J. Hardy doesn’t stand a chance in this category this year, even though he is batting .306. Derek Jeter will win and just because of what he has done for this game in his career, I say he deserves to go out strong.

Third base

Player Votes
Josh Donaldson 956,811
Evan Longoria 589,621
Adrian Beltre 497,876
Manny Machado 461,023
Brett Lawrie 268,136

Who should start: Josh Donaldson has been one of the best players in the entire league this year, with 15 home runs and 48 RBI. Machado is batting  .230 this year and hasn’t regained the form he had last season.


Player Votes
Mike Trout 1,361,649
Jose Bautista 1,351,896
Melky Cabrera 743,208
Jacoby Ellsbury 625,206
Carlos Beltran 565,554
Adam Jones 531,882
Torii Hunter 507,424
Yoenis Cespedes 502,236
Michael Brantley 460,384
Nick Markakis 434,228

Who should start: This one isn’t tough for picking the starters: Jose Bautista, Melky Cabrera and Mike Trout. But the question remains: will Jones or Markakis make the team? Jones will make it, but Markakis, who is batting .299 on the season, will be left out because his power numbers simply aren’t there.

Designated hitter

Player Votes
Nelson Cruz 888,855
David Ortiz 766,631
Victor Martinez 625,279
Edwin Encarnacion 388,459
Alfonso Soriano 336,112

Who should start: Nelson Cruz is the best player is baseball right now, leading the league in home runs and RBI. Ortiz is the popular choice, but Encarnacion should give Cruz a run for his money….or votes.


What happened to J.J. Hardy’s home runs?

Check out this post from HardballTalk about why J.J. Hardy can’t find his power


J.J. Hardy has picked a bad time to forget he’s a power hitter. With free agency around the corner this offseason the Orioles shortstop has yet to homer in 47 games and 193 plate appearances this season, which is awfully strange considering he smacked 25, 22, and 30 homers in the previous three years and has averaged 22 homers per 160 games for his career.

Dating back to last season Hardy has now gone 70 games without a homer. Also odd: Hardy, who’s a career .262 hitter, has a .306 batting average and is within shouting distance (.702) of his lifetime OPS (.738) despite the lack of pop.

Eduardo Encina of the Baltimore Sunasked Hardy what’s going on:

I’ve got no explanation. Yeah, obviously, it crosses my mind, but I try not to think about it as much as I can. I think the same approach, hits will…

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