Taking a Step Back


Byline MattWelcome everyone to Baltimore Birds! It’s a pleasure to begin writing about the Orioles and Ravens non-stop. Without further adieu, let’s begin with the news of the day:

Just what the doctor ordered for Ravens fans: another running back getting into trouble with the law. Yes, these accusations are likely to be misdemeanors, but the fact remains that Taliaferro got off on the wrong foot with his new teams.

Sometimes, it’s hard to keep yourself away from alcohol, especially in public, but Taliaferro needs to understand who he is now. Taliaferro is no longer a star running back for the Football Championship Subdivision power Coastal Carolina. He’s now part of a storied franchise, where he represents more than just himself and his team.

Taliaferro now is a public figure in the city of Baltimore. Rookies sometimes have a tough time adapting to the life of an NFL player and this instance does not bode well for the public believing Taliaferro is ready. Plus, there’s a quick trigger for Ravens fans, given all that happened with Ray Rice this offseason.

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Now, Taliaferro must leave the limelight for the rest of the offseason and preseason and get ready to perform his way out of a blemish on his resume. Can he do it? Sure. Just like Ray Rice will have to out-run his offseason trouble, where he was arrested for striking his now wife, Janay Palmer.

At Coastal Carolina last year, Taliaferro ran for 27 touchdowns and caught 23 passes for scores. He’ll need to show the Ravens that he can find the end zone and not the opposite side of the law. He’s got plenty of potential, but now is not the time to take a step back.


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